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Sensory Records is proud to announce the signing of New Jersey's up-and-coming prog metal all-stars Suspyre. Formed in 2001, these talented, young musicians have discovered an energetic and gifted way of combining progressive rock and symphonic metal with classical and jazz fusion. The bands' new album When Time Fades... will be released September 30, 2008. 

"We are all very excited about signing to Sensory Records" says Gregg Rossetti, guitarist and founder/composer of Suspyre. "The high-caliber musicians on this label have inspired our band to become what it is and we are now proud to be a part of their family." 

October 2005 marked the release of the band's first full-length album, The Silvery Image. Response to the album was so positive that the band was signed to Nightmare Records and followed up with the release of their next album, A Great Divide, in March 2007. The album hit the top 2007 prog metal album charts on websites such as USA Progressive Music, ProgPalaceRadio.com, and Beyond Ear Candy. 

To further their goal to develop and perfect their fusion of varied musical inspirations and influences, Suspyre has recorded a third album, When Time Fades... This album is a groovier piece of art with a bit more metallic crunch, and even more variety in the song styles, including an acoustic piece. No one can accuse this band of being formulaic in their composing. When Time Fades... has set the bar even higher than the band's previous albums, not only in music creation but also in the artwork done by Gustavo Sazes (Firewind, Dark Empire, Mystic Prophecy) , and featured guest artists that include drummer Charlie Zeleny (Behold...the Arctopus, Blotted Science, Jordan Rudess), and female vocalist Trisha O'Keefe (Amaran's Plight).