Twisted Into Form

Twisted Into Form

Twisted Into Form has risen to challenge all listeners as they break the confinement of technical metal to offer intense, complex and emotive pieces of music that defy categorization. 

The band consists of former Spiral Architect guitarist Kaj Gornitzka, Extol drummer David Husvik, bassist Erik Aadland and original Spiral Architect session vocalist Leif J. Knashaug. 

The members started their collaboration in 2000. From the onset, it was determined that the band's mission was to create music that fused the intensity of jazz/fusion and technical metal while conjuring extraordinary emotions through each musician's contribution. Years of rehearsals ensued. Once the material started to take form, it was decided that no demo was to be released. The band decided to opt for a full length album and get the appropriate label to release it upon completion. The album was recorded over the period of January 2004 to March 2006. 

Twisted into Form chose to record the album at MultiMono Studio (run by Spiral Architect drummer Asgeir Mickelson) as one of the first bands to work there. As the band has always opted for unconventional solutions, this studio was chosen to make sure that the recordings would get the attention as well as unique sound they deserved. Drums were recorded at TopRoom Studio (Mayhem, Borknagar, Extol, etc) prior to the completion of MultiMono Studio. 

Once the recordings were finished, several appropriate labels were considered. The band chose to collaborate with Sensory Records (Spiral Architect, Gordian Knot, Zero Hour, et al) for the release of the album. 

For final mixing, Sensory and the band agreed that noted producer Neil Kernon (Spiral Architect, Nevermore, Queensryche, Cannibal Corpse, etc) would be the ideal person to do the final mix, as he was completely in tune with the band's desire to grant the material the unique representation it craved. 

The finished effort is titled "Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer". Five years in the making, the album positions itself as a poignant alternative for all listeners demanding musical experiences that are not sanctioned by convention.