Melted Space

Melted Space

MELTED SPACE is the creation of classically trained French composer Pierre le Pape.  The new MELTED SPACE album, The Great Lie, features an array of prestigious and unexpected singers, joined by seven talented guest musicians and The City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra.
MELTED SPACE stands as the first French metal opera boasting the air of a huge choral fresco, uniting numerous female and male singers and musicians from the international metal scene. Powerful metal meets the refined essence of movie soundtrack-style movements.   Citing Within Temptation and Dimmu Borgir as influences, the band has seduced a wide audience.
MELTED SPACE’s music is inspired by traditional symphonic metal but is also rooted in the black and death metal scenes, each coming to play depending on what action that is taking place within the story that Pierre is telling us.
The incredible array of guests include:

David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL)

Attila Csihar (MAYHEM)


Arjen Lucassen (AYREON)

Ailyn Gimenéz (SIRENIA)


Mariangela Demurtas (TRISTANIA)

Guillaume Bideau (MNEMIC)

Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING)

Sylvain Coudret (SOILWORK)

Adrien Grousset (HACRIDE)

Christine Rhoades (JEFF LOOMIS)

Manuel Munoz (THE OLD DEAD TREE)

Arnaud Strobl (CARNIVAL IN COAL)

Clémentine Delauney (VISIONS OF ATLANTIS)

Virginie Goncalves (KELLS)

The City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra