Somnambulist was born out of a need to explore musical ideas not readily available in our current pop culture. Disgusted with mediocre musicianship, sterile simplistic arrangements and art-apathetic hype eventually led Jody Park and Terry Clouse to begin creating music that scratched that itch. 

Somnambulists debut album shook up the world of progressive music with a controversial and unique vision of heavy art-rock. 

After a brief pause to recalibrate the band has emerged with a new lineup of sonic assassins emphasizes the amazing vocal gymnastics of Peter Cornell (yes he sounds a lot like his brother Chris). 

Somnambulists second album, The Paranormal Humidor, features dark cinematic symphonic rock fused with unbridled modern aggression. Sounding like a head on collision between vintage Yes and Soundgarden, The Paranormal Humidor is a rethinking of old school progressive rock ideas re-energized for the 21st Century. 

The album features crystalline production courtesy of the Glass Hammer prog rock duo of Steve Babb and Fred Schendel. 

The anticipation in the progressive rock world has been building for some time now. Somnambulist is poised to once again give the scene a swift kick in the ass!