Kingfisher Sky

Kingfisher Sky

Kingfisher Sky is smart enough not to be just another Dutch gothic metal band. – Aardschok 

The Kingfisher Sky story begins in 2001, when drummer Ivar de Graaf decided to part ways with Within Temptation, a band who were experiencing their first international breakthrough with the release of the Mother Earth album. Together with classically trained vocalist Judith Rijnveld, Ivar started writing new music without being bound to a specific genre or musical style. 

With diverse influences such as Clannad, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, and Porcupine Tree, the writing resulted in a style that isn't easy to categorize, though the term Progressive Myth Rock seems to cover all bases. In short: contrasts - one moment dreamy and atmospheric, then heavy and brutal the next. By the beginning of 2006 the writing efforts were compiled on an impressive eleven track demo, which ultimately led to the duo signing a recording contract with Dutch label Suburban Records the following October. 

Former Orphanage bassist Eric Hoogendoorn, guitarists Daan Janzing and Edo van der Kolk and keyboardist George van Olffen were recruited to make Kingfisher Sky a full band and from May through July of 2007 the band recorded in several studios, under the inspired guidance of producers Jochem Jacobs (Textures) and Bouke Visser of Split Second Sound. In January 2008, Hallway Of Dreams was licensed to The Laser’s Edge for the exclusive release in North America. 

Hallway Of Dreams is a unique and forward thinking release that encompasses progressive rock, metal and atmospheric moods. The band will draw interest from the fanbase of Within Temptation as well as The Gathering, Porcupine Tree and Tori Amos.