The landscape of progressive rock continues to evolve. As the dinosaur bands fade away a new breed of thought provoking artistry has emerged. Bands like Porcupine Tree, Tool, Riverside, and Anathema are not about complexity or grandiose arrangements. These are bands that aim for your heart as well as your head. CloverSeeds is a new band following this course.

The Opening is their second release. Their debut, Innocence, was released on a small French label and gave the band some national attention including a television appearance on "Ça part en live". With the signing to The Laser’s Edge the band is sure to expand their fanbase to a worldwide level. 

Oscillating between various atmospheric moods and genuinely sophisticated music with multi tempered melodies. After the initial shock , listeners soon become sucked into this emotional soundscape. Comparisons to such diverse atmospheric progressive rock bands as Riverside, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Muse or Anathema aren't too far off, and should provide the listener with a good idea of what to expect from CLOVERSEEDS. 

On stage, the French combo convey raw energy, alternately intimate and sharp, leaving the audiance dizzy with guilty pleasure. Light years away from musical conformity, CLOVERSEEDS are sowing the seeds of luck against the wind, inspired by their collective creative freedom ... 

Cloverseeds music is a rollercoaster ride of pure emotion filled with melancholy and dark atmospheres augmented with guitar driven heaviness. The album was mixed in Germany at Spacelab Studios under the direction of Christian "Moschus" Moos (known for a.o. Delain and Everon). The resulting album is an audiophile spectacular polished to perfection by Grammy winning mastering engineer Bob Katz.